Demo Candidate



University Degree

Bachelors 2:1



Yorkshire, London


English, French

Full-time, Training / Grad Scheme, Temporary / Internship

Accounting, Advertising & PR, Banking, Consultancy, Management, Marketing, Sales

Hi there!


I am an ambitious hard working, creative team player and I enjoy responsibility and commitment.


I graduated from UCL last year with a 2:1 in Business & Finance. During my placement year I experienced the fast pace of being an inside sales executive, as well as being a consultative account manager, supporting and advising customers to provide them and my company with results. I’m looking to contunie as an account manager in the Fin Tech industry to build a lucrative career with a company that can benefit from my entrepreneurship and sales experience.



G.C.S.E Maths Grade : B

G.C.S.E English Grade : A

Science C,C

History - B

Art - A

Business Studies - B

Media Studies - B

Information Technology - A

English - A

Business - B

Information Technology - B

2:1 BSc (Hons) Business & Finance - UCL

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Selective Work Aptitude Test

Takes Responsibility 90%
90% Complete (success)
Thinks & Acts Effectively 90%
90% Complete (success)
Works Well With Others 75%
75% Complete (success)
Stays Organised 75%
75% Complete (success)
Focuses on their own Development 85%
85% Complete (success)
Considers the Business & its Customers 70%
70% Complete (success)

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