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Hiremetrix is a professional network that connects recent school and university leavers with organisations that can train and hire them. A candidate profile learns about an individual's working preferences to help facilitate meaningful introductions with companies that value their natural skills and personality. Join our network and connect with the people and opportunities you've been looking for.

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HMX Recruiter will find specific company experience, grades, languages, locations, as well as utilising boolean keyword search functionality. But what makes our search engine unique is the ability to prioritise the competencies and working preferences that our assessments measure. This allows us to highlight the people who are most likely to be effective and compatible for the role and organisation you’re recruiting for. Scroll down to learn more about our Selective Work Aptitude Test

The Selective Work Aptitude Test

The Selective Work Aptitude Test is our first proprietary assessment and is able to measure both ability and behavioural insights, as they relate to the 6 core competencies we measure. Combining, visual, audio and written stimulus, our Situational Judgment Test (SJT) presents specific work related situations and measures a candidates priorities and decision making ability for each scenario. This allows us to quickly benchmark their overall performance, as well as their personality and working preferences, with thousands of other candidates we represent.

Combined with pre-recorded video interviews, Hiremetrix profiles allow candidates to stand out, specifically for opportunities that value their natural skills & personality. Whilst enabling us to provide meaningful introductions to hiring companies, instead of CV's that can't be differentiated between!


Entry level

We spent over a year of research and development to create an assessment aimed specifically at candidates who lacked experience. The S.W.A.T assessment is therefore able to predict how effective a candidate will be in new environments that may require a lot of learning, training and initiative. 



Hiremetrix calculates a unique stack rank based on how a company prioritises the competencies we measure, specifically for each role. By matching unique requirements with results, we're able to offer a dynamic and targeted filtering process to save time and money whilst increasing the accuracy of hiring decisions. 



Our assessment environment includes interactive scenarios, animations and voice overs to maximise the engagement and performance from each candidate.

S.W.A.T measures 6 core competencies


Takes Responsibility

Related concepts: proactivity, resilience and 'vigour', drive and initiative


Considers the business and its customers

Related concepts: commercial awareness, customer care


Focuses on their own development

Related concepts: personal development


Works well with others

Related concepts: teamwork, emotional intelligence, understanding others, empathy/care, communication


Thinks and acts effectively

Related concepts: Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Thinking Skills, Judgment, Creativity, Problem Solving


Stays organized

Related concepts: planning, organisation, time management, managing ambiguity, adaptability.

Ben Williams

Ben Williams
Psychometric Advisor


Ben is a data-driven occupational psychologist who is highly experienced in the development and use of psychometric assessment. He has a passion for using assessment to both identify talent and help people perform to their best. He is a member of the Sten10 team who are responsible for some of the psychometric tools used by organisations such as London Heathrow Airport, Marks & Spencers, Ted Baker, PWC and many more!

"Graduates can be some of the toughest hires to make - they've often had little chance to really prove themselves. Hiremetrix gives young applicants the chance to fully show themselves off to potential employers."

Whether your're hiring or looking to progress your career, never miss an opportunity with a Hiremetrix profile!