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Hiremetrix rapidly measures young candidates' strengths against a company's requirements in a specific role. Hiremetrix produces a unique stack rank for each position depending on the competencies required and the results from candidates



Our assessments present the competencies that each candidate is strongest in so they learn more about themselves whilst also providing companies with a first filter to improve the quality of their recruitment. Our first assessment is S.W.A.T (Selective Work Aptitude Test) -

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Companies define what they're looking for and dynamically filter and rank applicants. Candidates can use their profiles independently to impress and provide potential employers with enriched and unique information.



Hiremetrix presents key data to candidates and companies alike in easy to digest formats including graphics, animations and video.

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Prioritise the competencies that we measure in order of importance for the role you’re looking to fill.

Invite & Assess

Invite, search and filter applicants based on competency results and dynamic profiles which include video introductions


You can rate and comment on applicants within your shortlists.Then all you need to do is message them from your hiremetrix inbox


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Build your profile by taking the S.W.A.T. assessment. You can even include a video introduction and your academic achievements if you want!


Not only can you apply to jobs on our job board, you can apply to any job with your Hiremetrix profile by using your profile badge to stand out from the competition.


Once you’ve created your hiremetrix profile, you will be found in the search results of companies who are looking for people like you!

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