By utilising video & assesment, our job board fast tracks young candidates to interviews whilst removing the guess work of CV scanning for hiring companies.



Our Selective Work Aptitude Test (S.W.A.T) is an SJT developed by our team of psyshometricians. Animations, voice overs and interactive scenarios get the best performance out of our candidates. See more here to learn about the 6 competencies we measure. 



Companies can include applicants they have sourced themselves (through other job boards, recruiters, company websites etc) by inviting them to apply to their roles on Hiremetrix. These applicants can then be included in the assesment and video filtering methods before submitting their profiles.



Hiremetrix has access to cameras and microphones on computers and mobile devices. This enables candidates to record one-way interviews and video introductions on their profiles whilst saving hiring companies huge amounts of time and money.                                                                                                                                      


Results Based

Companies are only charged if they decide to unlock the contact details of an applicant. This per candidate fee only applies after viewing assessment results and video interviews. There is also a monthly subscription option for unlimted access. 

How it Works


post A JOB!

Post & Search

Post your jobs to recieve applicants and/or search through thousands of candidate profiles. 


Include applicants from job boards, recruiters, your own website etc, by inviting them to your company branded Hiremetrix page! 


Create shortlists so you and your colleagues can view, 'like' and comment on candidates internally.


MAKE A ProfilE!


Build your profile by taking the S.W.A.T. assessment and recording your video introduction!


Not only can you apply to jobs on our job board, you can apply to ANY job online with your Hiremetrix profile badge to stand out from the competition.


Now you’ve created your hiremetrix profile, you can apply to roles and be found in search results, for companies looking for your natural skills & personality!       

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