Careers Service

Careers Service

Drastically Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired!

Hiring companies tell us what they are looking for in an ideal candidate everyday! Different companies and job roles require different types of people and qualifications but there are some fundamental messages that need to be communicated for a hiring company to consider you. Some of the biggest issues with graduate CV's are: 

  • length

  • Professionalism 

  • Presentation 

  • Lack Of Direct Work Experience 

  • They all read the same!

At Hiremetrix we do everything we can so that you stand out to the hiring company you want to work for. A Hiremetrix profile has been designed so that no two candidates look the same. We provide candidates with personality & competency assessments so we can locate your most employable strengths. We then plan and pre-record video interviews or audio messages to display on your profile. This way you'll stand out from the thousands of CV's employers go through! 


To make the most out of your Hiremetrix profile and to impress hiring companies you need to consider your 'Story' and how you're going to sell yourself. We make sure your CV, cover letter and Hiremetrix profile are aligned so that the content helps you stand out whilst providing hiring companies with a profile that they would normally have to pay a lot of money for. We recommend you start by thinking about the following points and then contacting us.

  • What industry and job role you want to work in

  • What that industry requires and looks for in an ideal candidate

  • How you can demonstrate these skills, requirements and personality traits in your CV and Hiremetrix profile.

  • Developing opinions and perspectives that you can share in your interview to demonstrate your passion for the area you want to work in.


We help candidates in 3 stages:

Stage 1, Preparation -  Consists of one to one sessions, CV editing and interview preparation. 

Stage 2, Profile Creation - We provide a personality test and a skills finder assessment. The results of the assesments are displayed on your profile. We then create a personalised interview strategy and record the final result in a video interview or an audio interview which is also displayed on your profile. Your finsihed profile will include your interview, assesment results, CV, academic results & 'Coremetrix'.

Stage 3, Profile Sharing - Once we're happy with your profile, we provide you with a profile badge so that you can share it with potential employers. We then submit your profile to our searchable database of graduates so employers can find you!

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